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Five New Thoughts About Customer & Consumer That Will Turn Your World Upside Down.

It is very important  to understand the difference between a customer and a consumer. Usually, people consider consumer and a customer as the same entity, but both are different from each other.  So let’s get started in this post to understand the difference between a customer and a consumer.

Definition of Customer and Consumer

A customer is a person who purchase the product from a business, however,  they might use or not use the product purchased. A consumer is a person who uses the product or service purchased. Hence, consumer is always an end user of products or services purchased but not necessary purchased by consumer. Therefore, one can be a customer and consumer both.

5 Differences about Customer and Consumer

  1. A person who buys goods, products or services from a seller is known as customer.  However, a person who uses these goods, products or services is known as consumer.
  2. Customer is a buyer or client but consumer is an end user of the product or services.
  3. Customer can be an individual or any business entity, however, a consumer can be an individual, a group of people or family.
  4. Customer pays for the product or services for oneself or makes purchases on others behalf. Whereas, a consumer not necessarily pays for the product but definitely uses it. For example, parents purchase notebook for kids. Here parents are customer and kids who use the notebook are consumer.
  5. Customer makes purchases either to resale it or to add value. They do it either for themselves or on behalf of others. Whereas, consumer is the who only consumes the product or service with no other intention of reselling or adding value.


It is clear from the above discussion that a customer is not necessarily the consumer and vise versa. Now there is a big question for the marketing person on whom to concentrate in the market. Well, it’s required to concentrate on both by the market personnel.

By concentrating on both customer and consumer an enterprise can easily understand the demands of the market as customer will place order or make purchases and these are truly based on the consumption ratio and trend of the consumers. Therefore, a satisfied customer and consumer are one of the strongest pillar for any enterprise or organisation. So, be focused on both customer and consumer.

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